Thunderstruck Observatory:   My personal astronomical observatory, home for my 13" f4.5 Dobsonian reflecting telescope. I call this place Thunderstruck Observatory because it's high (2,965 ft) on a mountain named "Thunderstruck Knob", in the Blue Ridge mountains near Micaville North Carolina.

Thunderstruck Palomar Observatory:   My other observatory, home for my 4.25" f10.5 Newtonian reflecting telescope.

Comet Hyakutake:   Winner of the Thunderstruck observatory "Thunder Comet" Award!

Comet Hale-Bopp:   2nd Best Comet I ever saw!

Comet 1983d IRAS-Araki-Alcock:   The first Comet I ever saw!

2001 Leonids Meteor shower:   The "Thunder-Storm"!

Low Budget Astrophotography

Astronomical snapshots :  Astro photos with a cheap Kodak digital camera.

Satellite photos :   More photos with the Kodak.

The Thunder-Cam:   Astrophotography using a cheap webcam.

Rockets and Missiles

Orbital Debris:   My photos of Space Shuttle launches and some other rockets.

Missile Experiments:   My photos of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile experiments at Kwajalein Missile Range, in the Marshall Islands.


Pacific Islands:   Some of the places I visited in 1982-1984, including Kwajalein, Ponape, Nauru and other islands.

War Toys:   Just a few old Polaroid photos of equipment I worked with long ago.