The Shipwreck at O-Buoy

ID unknown

Photos by Bob Hampton

The ship at O-Buoy is a four hold freighter lying upside down on the bottom of the lagoon, 130 ft. deep. It's stern was shattered by an explosion, and it's superstructure and riggings were crushed under it's inverted hull. It's cargo was munitions, and they've spilled out of the cargo holds onto the sand. The bottom of the lagoon here is littered with mines, bombs, and torpedos.

Car Under the Ship at O-Buoy

This car is under the inverted well deck at one of the forward cargo holds. Note the hemispherical mines on top of the car and under the running board. Another mine is inside, on the driver's seat.

Airplane from the Ship at O-Buoy

This biplane fuselage was dumped from the ship as it rolled and sank.

Text and Photos © 1999 by Bob Hampton All Rights Reserved

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