Some of

The Other Wrecks

and Junk

in Kwajalein Lagoon

Photos by Bob Hampton

The Shell Island Wreck

The Shell Island Wreck

This is a small, schooner type Japanese freighter that sank near some small coralheads, 110 ft deep. It's an easy swim from the lagoon-side reef at Shell Island. The ship was much more overgrown than most of the wrecks at Kwajalein, yet it still retained it's basic form. It was small but it was a beautiful shipwreck.

The Shell Island Wreck

Inside the Shell Island wreck.

The Moto Maru

The "Moto Maru"

The "Moto Maru" is just one of many small, unidentified Japanese boats that were sunk during the attacks on Kwajalein. Other divers have probably had other names for it, but we called it the Moto Maru because two of my friends, Mike Peck (Moe) and Tony Martin (shown here), discovered it during a walk-in dive from Emon Beach.

The K4 Barge

The K4 Barge

This strange barge sits upright, 140 ft. deep, near the Tateyama Maru.

This photo shows Tony Martin, posing without his scuba mask, on the pointed bow of the barge.

The K4 barge and it's Mooring Buoy

As the barge sank it pulled down the large mooring buoy to which it had been chained.

The Ski Boat Area Wreck

The Ski Boat Area Wreck

This whaler style inter-island freighter was sunk just off the lagoon-side shore of Kwajalein Island, north of the pier.
Inside the Ski Boat Area Wreck

It's a small, shallow wreck, but it has several cargo holds, a minimal superstructure, and a small engine room to explore.

An American F4 fighter near Roi Namur

F4 Fighter

This F4 fighter is one of several American airplanes that were stripped of engines and other parts and then dumped into the lagoon near Roi-Namur Island.

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