Shinkoku Maru

Photos by Bob Hampton

The Shinkoku Maru is a 500 ft. long tanker, lying upright on the bottom.  It has one large superstructure amidships and another at the stern.
Stinging hydroids of the Shinkoku Maru

The white, feather-like things are stinging hydroids.  I was told that they have a terrible sting, and are to be avoided.  I avoided them!
Shinkoku Maru

Inside the aft superstructure.
Coffee pot on the Shinkoku Maru

The Shinkoku Maru's coffee pot.
Restroom facilities on the Shinkoku Maru

This is one of the "heads" in the aft structure.
Dishes piled in the galley of the Shinkoku Maru

Some previous diver(s) had piled an assortment of tableware and kitchen implements atop this stove in the galley of the Shinkoku Maru
Human bones in the Shinkoku Maru

Japanese sailors of the Shinkoku Maru

Text and Photos © 1999 by Bob Hampton

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