Bob Hampton is Shipwrecked!

Crewmen of the Mystery Maru, Kwajalein Lagoon

My Shipwreck Photo Album

I love shipwrecks.  I always have and I always will.  Especially the deep and powerful shipwrecks that were sent to the bottom during World War II.  Their energy flows to me.  They inspire me.  And they fulfill me.

I am not a professional scuba diver, a professional photographer, or a shipwreck expert. I'm just a subsurface tourist who has had the good fortune to have experienced a large assortment of these wonderous relics in various parts of the world.  I present here some of the best of my collection of photographs of these wrecks, along with some words about my dives on them.  These are some of my memories of "my" shipwrecks, as they were when I was there, as they will always be for me.

My Shipwrecks

Muckin' the Marshalls:  KWAJALEIN LAGOON

Keep on Trukin':  TRUK LAGOON

New Guinea Paradise:  RABAUL

Solomon's Treasure:  GUADALCANAL

Graveyard of the Atlantic:  NORTH CAROLINA

Shipwrecks of FLORIDA

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